Real Pilates...Real Results. At Lucie Lemon Pilates in Port Saint Lucie, we offer world-class Pilates sessions that can be enjoyed by anyone at any skill level. For us, Pilates is about more than getting stronger — it’s about enjoying life, combating stiffness, and leaving pain in the past. By boosting flexibility and strength simultaneously, Pilates gives you the maximum benefit for your effort. Try a session with our dynamic, expert trainer and experience the power of real Pilates for yourself.

The Pilates you’ll practice with us is undiluted by time or fads — it’s the real deal taught by a long-term expert. This is Pilates the way it was meant to be done, and the benefits are undeniable. Book your first two introductory private sessions with us today, and feel free to get in touch with questions at any time.

What Our Clients Say...

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Meet Deb Lemon

Deb’s abiding passion for fitness has allowed her to transform many lives over the past decade, including clients who are athletic, elderly, de-conditioned, injured, pregnant, and beyond. Deb earned her Master Instructor title with Peak Pilates Education Program along with a full Comprehensive Certification. She has thousands of hours teaching and more than 15 years teaching Pilates alone! Having owned her own fitness studio since 2008, she’s excited to see what the future holds. With Deb, Pilates is sure to improve your life, no matter your age or condition. Try a class today.

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