My life was changed forever

Kelli D'Amico

The moment I walked into Deb’s studio, my life was changed forever. When my wrists felt weak washing the dishes, I couldn’t touch my toes without bending my knees, etc I thought I would give Pilates a go after reading about all the potential benefits from the practice. After my first class with Deb, I was hooked for life. Deb truly focuses on each student in her class and will always plan exercises based on experience level of those in the class, rather than discouraging her students by asking them to do an exercise only an advanced student could achieve. It’s also her attention to detail that sets her apart from every other Pilates instructor. Deb corrects your form to ensure you are doing the exercises properly and to also prevent injury — over time, I have come to realize this is not a given from instructors and it makes all the difference! She is tough, but highly effective. My wrists are now strong, I can touch the ground, and my body has transformed. So grateful to have met Deb and I will be doing Pilates for the rest of my life now!