About Our Pilates Studio

From Philly... to Manhattan... and now to Port St. Lucie!

Playfully nicknamed by peers as “The Messiah of Pilates,” the “Body Boss,” and “Debbie Details,” Deb Lemon has owned several fitness studios across multiple states and is delighted to bring her passion for fitness to Port St. Lucie. While she’s certified in spinning, boxing, barre, aerobics, aqua, personal training, and beyond, Pilates is her passion and she can’t wait to teach you in class. She earned her Master Instructor certification from Peak Pilates, and has certified teachers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. If you’re going to do Pilates, she’s the teacher you want.

Pilates as a fitness method was created by Joseph Pilates, who designed it to be accessible and challenging no matter your ability. Thanks to modifications, Pilates is safe enough for injury rehab and challenging enough for professional athletes. With hundreds of exercises on multiple pieces of equipment, you’ll always be challenged and never be bored! Everyone gets stronger, more flexible, and achieves an overall increased quality of life. It’s easy to see why Deb has such an abiding passion for Pilates — and you will, too!

The Pilates you’ll learn with us is undiluted by fads or time because it’s the most effective when practiced correctly. For a Pilates workout taught by a warm, encouraging instructor who isn’t afraid to work hard with you, choose Lucie Lemon Pilates. Try a class today!